Garden fun

Oh yes, it was sooo … much fun.

Obviously I wanted to have flowers and new trees, bushes planted as fast as possible. Chosing plants instead of pipes was a nice change.

I considered it a try period – not getting too attached. Thanks God! Not only I had some extra warm and dry months here, I also had  builders who didn`t care about the grass+ so things were constantly getting broken.

The grass itself had to be replanted  5 times, so for a few years I was looking at the next door garden so green… with a bit of envy…

At least I got to know a few stores, few plants and ended up knowing what will work here well and where I should get it from.

That was also the moment I decided to use the hole in the ground – after one bush with huge roots was out – to have a water feature done. As you already had a hole seemed perfect.

Here you do not need a permit for it but the town has to be informed. As there are lots of cables and pipes going under the ground here it was logical to see if it would be safe to do it.

Strangely it took a long time for it to be properly done and some changes were needed. The photo shows the starting point.





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