Calm before the storm

Additional fun bits then were wonderful.

One of the guys did smell with alcohol a few times and did hide a bottle of beer (empty unfortunately) in my bathroom cabinet.

As he worked well and there were no additional problems with him I did ignore it. It wasn`t a problem for me. Especially not when so much was being done.

The fact a woman is a boss makes the guys try to use it.  To have better working conditions, to get more money. It was a pleasure to have someone to keep an eye on things.

Additional change started just before we moved in. The town decided to lower the outside pavements (to the original) so the walls got a bit of a shock.

As they used the time to change some pipes the shock was huge for us too as the hole next to the house was huge (and guess what it started raining heavily then… nothing protected).

Getting into the house was fun. There was a tiny bit of wood (thin) you could  walk on. Start to feel happy I had to do it just twice (as was not living in there yet).

Once the kitchen/bath/hall part was done. The floor in the rest of the rooms was done.

Calm before the storm really. As once it all dried…




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