The wonderful thing then happened. I got floors!!!

Of course the “getting” wasn`t as simple and fast as it sounds.  No, this renovation did not last a week – though it gives me quite some fun watching that on tv. I just never know if I should treat it as a comedy or Sci – Fi…

First you had to do something with the huge holes – filling it all up with concrete seemed the most logical. Especially as my father was desperate for a stable floor. (It was not his age and health that was causing problms with walking… it was the floor).

That created a small problem… the wholes were huge and deep and filling it all up (except of the cost) would just make it all soo heavy! There was the danger the basement and grounds there would not take it well…

So the result – it was partly filled up with styrofoam. Then you had to put some bricks there just to have the shape of the rooms (kitchen, bathroom, hall way). When that was done the concrete  (self levelling one) was poored. and I must say it was a pleasure watching it set.

The minus of it all was the fact you could not walk on it till it was dry… Well, you could but the chances of you staying there and feeling like a mob member (almost former) was huge.

That had a wonderful bonus for me.a few days of NO WORKS!




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