Demolition without the mess!

Then came the time to change all the gas and water pipes… how lovely…

At least here I was  thrilled to have new and safer ones.

It took a lot of work ( and I do consider all work with gas dangerous) and more miles of new things. Thanks God at least the heaters and boilers looked familiar enough.

Still as I never had to deal with that it was a new thing to learn and I did spend some time at the start checking it all every few hours just to see if all was fine.

My father never even bothered to learn and to be honest I am glad as I would be far more nervous if I knew he touched anything that can…. explode.

With his memory and skills… The idea itself was too horrid for me. Not to mention the fact he did say a few times he would do something to the place once I would be away. He does hate it… I am madly in love with it, always was. Guess what… I stay at home most of the time.  Just in case…

There are two perfect things thanks to it now. 1 New heaters become warm soooo fast! 2 The floor in the kitchen and bathroom, (only the ones dowstairs) are heated. This is sooo perfect for getting out of the bath…

I still remember how cold it was there before and you really did not want to use the bathroom…

It is also (I hope) good for the building, that gets some heat , bricks seem to enjoy the change.



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