Demolition man

Then once the walls and ceilings were there the demolition man came… In my case that means the electrician…

It was a bit painful to see the new things being so brutally deatroyed but….One does need light and energy so electricity was needed.

Everything had to be changed… New cables, new wires, new sockets…. Shopping for it all was fun… Trolleys  full of things I had no idea what they were (still don`t and have no desire to know)…

At the same time bought all the lights for the floor ( strangely lamps were easier to buy and didn`t take me more than half an hour). Then the poor things had to wait for the rooms being ready so they could be installed.

That was also the time I was praying a lot (for them not to get destroyed) as I  didn`t want to deal with such costs again.

The good side to it all was the new ones were pretty (my opinion) and it  wouldn`t need to be changed for a few years…

It was also the time I found out how weak the construction was…- in my opinion not an expert but… straw was eveywhere…???

Few days of drilling were a bit exhausting so the shopping trip was a pleasure simply because I was out od the house!




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