For some reason men working here were surprised I liked the destruction? Of course I did. You can`t have a better proof that something is going on.

The number of tones of bricks and so on that were taken away from here was shocking. I still can`t believe it all was here… Good I took lots of photos to be able to refresh my memory….

To keep things moving nicely I decided to deal with all the rest of the rooms dowstairs at the same time. So this way one team could deal with the kitchen and another with the rooms.

To my surprise just under the wooden floor there was … nothing.  An empty space of round 30cm then the ground… And some bricks … Well it did work…

Walking in the rooms became a bit problematic to say the least… Door to the rooms that were partly destroyed during a break in a few months earlier had to be replaced. It was the cheaper option to get new ones than have the old ones repaired (and by…? yet another person to look for).




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